IZ*ONE Online Concert [ONE, THE STORY]

IZ*ONE Online Concert [ONE, THE STORY]

Artist : IZ*ONE
Day 1 : Saturday, March 13th 2021 (6PM WIB)
Day 2 : Sunday, March 14th 2021 (3PM WIB)
Type of Event : Online Concert
Tickets : DAY 1


DAY1 & DAY 2

Ticket Price (1-day show) Rp 522,000,- (includes Admin Fee of Rp 15,000,-).
Ticket Price (2-day show) : Rp 912,000,- (includes Admin Fee of Rp 15,000,-).

Ticket Sales Date:

Opening date : February 16th 2021 (10AM WIB)
Closing date for [DAY 1 show] and [DAY 1 & DAY 2 show] ticket : March 13th 2021 (4:30PM WIB)
Closing date for [DAY 2 show] ticket : March 14th 2021 (1:30PM WIB)
  • Customers who have purchased the tickets can simultaneously connect to the concert with maximum two devices. In case of connecting the viewing site with a 3rd device, the first device will automatically log out.





    • Indonesian audiences can only purchase at Mecimashop.com to access the viewing page.
    • 1 (one) email can only receive 1 (one) ticket / 1 (one) product.
    • Please do not make multiple ticket purchase using the same email.
    • If you would like to purchase multiple tickets, please use different emails when making your purchase.
    • Customers will receive a Reservation Number for the online concert. Please wait for further instructions that will be sent to your email.
    • Tickets purchased at Mecimashop are only available for customers residing in Indonesia (Indonesian IP Address). If you reside outside Indonesia, your order will be cancelled. Please make sure to purchase the ticket through your country’s respective official ticketing site (info: CLICK HERE).
    • Purchase of the event ticket cannot be combined with any other product available at Mecimashop.com. If you would like to purchase another product, you have to Checkout your event ticket purchase first.


Official IZ*ONE Notice Page:


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